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2007 race plan

hi folks, over the last few days ive been having a look at events trying to plan for next season. it will be my 2nd season and il be competing at olympic distance for the 1st time. ive got a few duathlons over the winter but im trying to figure out the right amount of events from around april onwards. theres so many events i want to do but obviously want to avoid burnout. ive got about 4-5 sprint events between april-june then 4-5 olympic events from end of june to august then bala oly in september. is this about right or is it a bit much? thanks


  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27

    My plan is also to go up to Olympic distance next year. Starting April with a sprint to see if I have improved on last year. Then to race the first weekend in the month between April and October. Sub 3 hr London in Augest being my main goal.I hope your winter training and season go as planned.

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    I'm in the same boat as you two. I did two sprints last year and now plan to step up to Olympic distance. I've only identified two for next year, London (signed up) and probably Windsor. I was then going to add 3 or 4 sprints before, in between and after the 2 Olympics.

    I've thrown a spanner in the works by signing up for the Paris Marathon in April which means I won't be able to train fully for a tri until after that. I'll probably look for a sprint distance in May sometime.

    Am I doing enough?

  • im planning on doing redditch sprint which is on may 20th i think. i was toying with london myself but its a bit far cos im a northener so will probably opt for salford which i think is a week or 2 before.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    second season too.

    i have signed up for london and i am hoping to get into windsor. however, i have decided to push the envelope this year and have sigend up for Ironman switezerland. not sure if this is a good idea but it is sponsored by a brewery so at least i will enjoy the day and night after the event.

    earthworm jim - i too am a northerner and after last years experience of london can safely say that it is worth the travel and expense. makes you realise that there are others like us out there!!!

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Second season and going for an Ironman. My hats off to you.

    Am I leaving it too long waiting until 2009?

    My heart says yes, my brain and legs say no.
  • Where are you folks entering these events. I can't find many listings yet and am worried about missing out on entry opportunities. Are events listed anywhere other than the BTA website?
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69

    you can use this one for the blenheim tri too.

    Wella - 2009?!? it is entirely up to you. i am doing it so early as i do not think i will ever have the time to do the training again. so it is a now or never type situation.

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Its all down to the individual I think how many events you do... can you recover quickly between races.. I did two sprints and a novice on 3 consecutive weekends and performed well in all three... i wouldn't do that for the whole season but as long as you recover well you can probably do more races than you think.

    I'm also going into 2nd season and plan to do 3 olys (first season doing them), 4 sprints and a middle distance! I also want to do some bike racing (tt's and group races) and some running... focus is on tri tho.. the others will be for training purposes.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    I've based my ambitions on upping the distance one season at a time. That said, I may look for a middle distance event towards the end of next season. The increase in training, especially during the summer months, will be easier to do then with a good fitness base than in May 2008.

    As for the full ironman....who knows?

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    First season next year and have got 2 events confirmed but hope to get another 2 or 3 in if possible and injuries or cashflow permit.

    IM Lanzarote (May)

    IM UK (August)

    I would like to do the Blackpool Marathon and the Snowdonia 'again' if all goes well.

    The Salford tri hold an appeal for me i gotta say. If dates dont clash and i can get entry to the event id like to do it.

    Ive been so so lucky to have got a sponsor for the 2 IM,s and they have made it possible for 2007.

    Lifes too short not to give things a go[;)]

  • as long as i pass my exams then im planning on doing the following events (off top of my head)

    bath half marathon mar

    blenheim sprint may

    windsor olympic june

    1/2 IM (maybe bala) june/july

    london olympic aug

    IM uk aug

    vitruvian 1/2 IM/ new forest1/2 IM sep

    london duathlon sep

    will prob try to squeeze in couple more as well abnd may do some duathlons as well early season

    this schedule is probably unraelistic though with possible clashes of events and needing recovery time

  • So far for 2007....

    Wokingham half marathon - February

    Reading half marathon - March

    London marathon - April

    Eton supersprint - May

    Windsor sprint - June

    London olympic - August (1st olympic distance)

    That's for starters - will see what else comes up [:)][:)][:)]

  • GrantGrant Posts: 15
    I've entered my first ever triathlon - the Erskine Novice Triathlon. Its four or five weeks after my first half marathon - I'll be cross training for this with swimming and cycling, so hopefully this will help with the triathlon too.
  • Hopefully going to be my first season, if i can get my bum in to gear. Im planning on doing 12 events between february and october. Strarting with an off road duathlon (5-5-5). Im then doing duathlon, 10k or half marathon, followed by 6 sprint triathlons, Nike 10k, triathlon and then a duathlon to end with in october. I think this is a reasonable amount, with about 3-4 weeks between each event. I would probably look at doing a few more and possibly even oly's in my 2nd season, but its a lot of money, particulalry the first season in terms of getting all the gear! Thats why all of the events except 2 are local or within an hours drive. The only 2 that arent local are the london tri and the nike 10k.
  • My first full season looms in 2007. So far I've only completed the Cotswold novice sprint to see if I enjoyed it or not. I did. To that extent I'm planning to do a few sprints in 07 rounding it off with an Oly distance event in September, hopefully Bala. I've got The Triathlete's Training Bible by Friel and it helped me to put the attached plan together. A lot if this is reproduced in the current 220 issue. I've then broken down the weekly hours 50-30-20% bike-run-swim so, in a 10hour week, I'll be doing 5hours on the bike, 3hours running and 2hours swimming. You might want to focus your efforts slightly differently depending on any specific weakness you might have

    I've listed all of the races I'm considering and then I've also prioritised them - that's obviously a very subjective thing, what's important to me won't be to you etc... OW swims are important to me, but might turn others off completely. Do what you want to do. Things might also change based on external factors, friends, family, work, ...

    Have a read of the plan if you can and if it helps you, great. I've no intention of being the next Tim Don, there are far too many people with greater athletic prowess than me. I'm simply going to get out there, give it my best and see what happens. Above all I'm going to enjoy it. No, I will. Really...

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