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I've put my name down for my first triathlon next April.

What do people generally drink/eat on the way round (if anything). Presume the usual energy drink attached to your bike but any other useful suggestions would be much appreciated, i.e what, where stored etc.

Any other hints/tips much appreciated.

Many thanks


  • is it a sprint distance? i did a few sprints last season and didnt bother eating because i tend to get bloated when i run if ive just eaten. ive heard that if its anything over an hour it may be worth carrying an energy bar/gel on the bike. it may be worth experimenting on training rides?
  • Hi

    Yes it is just a sprint one, but it's my first event so it could be that i am actually on the bike for over an hour after all!!

    For future reference what do people suggest to be the best energy drinks/bars to eat on the way round (or the gel thing mentioned above?!?)

  • Hi,

    If I were you, I would try a few products out during training and see if you have any undesirable effects. Don't experiment during the actual event. I have been using some of the High 5 products during and after my longer sessions, mainly drinks mixes. Have also tried a gel or 2 but they take some getting used to and are an acquired taste
  • For a sprint it's really a personal decision. I did a couple of sprint events last year and only used water for hydration on the bike leg and all was fine. I am planning to make the stretch to Olympic distance this coming season so I'm actually practising the whole nutrition/hydration thing at the moment. I've neglected it so much it's actually one of my training goals for this year. I've tried the SIS stuff and a mate has recommended High5 4:1 so I've got that on order.

    If you have an mp3 player or PC try to catch the JBST podcast as they often offer advice on this subject. One thing that has stuck with me is their (and probably other peoples) TEST IT mantra. Try Everything Several Times In Training I think it means.

  • I agree, it's definately best to try out differing products during training.

    With regards to energy/cereal bars i have always found it better to strictly keep consumption to the bike ride... they tend to get soggy during the swim!

    Seriously though, i'd be interested to know how you get on. I heard good things about the gel packs.. don't taste to good but are easily stored and provided a good boost!

  • I think it's also important to think about pre-race food & drink. I find it's really useful to have a good, but not too big, meal (typically, breakfast) of complex carbohydrates before the race, like oatmeal or shredded wheat or wholewheat toast and stuff. Not so much that you feel bloated, but small amounts in the hours before the race. Also, keep hydrated in that period, too, drinking small amounts in the hours before the race (quite often with some sort of maltodextrin powder in the drink, since that also burns more slowly than glucose or sucrose and won't have you sugar-peaking before the race too much).

    I find that when I do this in training then I rarely need to consume anything other than water or a very diluted energy drink during my training time, even on longer bike rides.

    Another thing I used to struggle with was over-doing it on the water/re-hydration and then being desperate to pee, especially towards the end of the bike ride. My solution was to take small sips every five minutes instead of big gulps every 15-30 minutes and that seems to have worked well.
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    My fuelling strategy

    Porridge and toast with jam/maramalade 2 and a half to 3 hours before the race with a large glass of water - small glass of fresh orange and a cup of coffee.

    On the drive to the event I'll drink half a bike bottle of water. Then I'm fully hydrated peeing -generally bursting for the loo on arrival at the event. I'll also have a snack bar (tracker or something similar)

    1/2 Hour before race a bottle of energy drink (powerade)

    Sip some water 5 mins before race time then off

    On the bike about 3 large gulps of a mixed energy drink (high 5)

    NOthing on the run.

    I've yet to bonk or feel like I've not taken enough fluid.

    This strategy covers about 1 and 1/2 hours of racing (whether sprint tri or half marathon)
  • Cheers for all the replies

    Currently working towards my first ever triathlon next April and needing all the help i can get (on many subjects!)

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