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About track frames?


I was wondering if it is possible to convert a track frame to a triathlon bike? I mean its a fixie frame, but surely you could add gears to it can you not?? Thanks



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    nathannathan Posts: 1
    Why try and change to "gears"?

    If you are happy riding fixed and the course is flat then why not ride fixed?

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    Your track frame won't have a mech hanger for your rear mech, or brake bosses for your brakes, or gear cable stops on the downtube. You could get these brazed on at a specialist frame builder but the geometry would still be all wrong. Track frames are built with a high bottom bracket so you don't catch your pedals on the banking. I would feel weird riding one on the road (although I have done on occasions!)

    To conclude - it's possible but not easy, cheap or sensible [:)]

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