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Tyres - tubeless?

Dear All,

Just completed my first season of tri and looking to take it a stage further next year with some longer distance triathlons such as Bala next June.

Just wondered wht tyres most triathletes use.

Are tubeless tyres better?

I've had punctures (Blackpool Tri) and I just wanted to know what the thought was on which type of tyre is firstly, quicker, but is also easier to change/repair or be less likely to get a puncture.

Not bothered about cost.




  • In my opion for Tris it is best to stick with Tubes and Tyres. Tubs (again in my opion) were designed for cycle racing where if there was a flat a whole spare wheel would be swopped out by the mechanic. If you do get a punture in a Tub then changing it out is not always 100%, i.e. the glue will not be fully stuck and you will not be able to get the pressure back into it that would normally be required to keep the tub safely on the rim. Tubs are also very hard to fold small.

    In the right place a Tub is fast due to the higher pressures it can take and hence rolling resistance. If you are racing sprints or Olys and a puncture would scupper your race anyway then the Tub may be worth it. But in longer races ???

    I know people who swear by tubs but I am just warey of them after they have been changed, specially descending round tight corners etc (I have used them in the past). I can change an innertube in less than 5 mins and be relatively safe and carry on racing.


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I second that...even on an oly the 2 or 3minutes to swap a tube is better than a dnf coz of a puncture...
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Can i ask your opinions on puncture resistant tyres?

    Do they work? [:D]

    Also are the 'slime' filled tubes any good or simply a waste of time and extra weight?

    Cheers, Rich
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