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Triathlon Specific Stores/shops

I was wondering where the best triathlon specific stores are in the north, or more specifically, the north-west?

Good online stores Tri-UK, TriandRun and SBR are all based in the south.

Is there anything closer to home?

Looking to buy a bike and not keen to do it online as I want to try before buying.


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi mevans !!!!!!!!

    Nw Tri shops no particular order

    TriActive (Chester)

    Royles (Wilmslow)

    & erm oh yeh TriActive (Chester)

    of course plenty of on line stuff but with these you can go aloong and try stuff before you buy ... TriActive will give you discount if you in a triclub (speak to Graham)

    did I mention TriActive in Chester

  • mevansmevans Posts: 7
    Thanks! Are you on commission at TriAvtive?[:D]

    What range of bikes do they have?
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    mevans - he got a good discount from em on his broom...promised he mention them even time he draws breath
  • rob1rob1 Posts: 10

    Not sure where you can get to but there is a great shop called Total Fitness Nottingham, www.tfn.uk.com, who have a good range of bikes, clothing and swimming kit. I was in there this morning they were very professional and a great help. Picked up some running clothes and another pair of Aquasphere kaimans.
  • Rob,

    Thanks for that.

    Do they have Quitana bikes there?

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Yes, they do!. Mark Redwood is the guy to speak to there. He knows tri bikes backwards (I won't trust mine with anyone else!) Think Mark's on holiday at the moment tho - he just came in under 10 hrs at Hawaii ... But Pete Jackson at TFN is also good.... (and I'm not on commission!!)
  • Royles in the north west has tri bikes.

    But like mad nurse I'm a fan of tri active in Chester. They have a good range of clothing and are really friendly.

    Recommend them unfortunately they don't have a good range of bikes.

    PS where are you based?

    Dumb blonde

  • Lytham.

    Cheers for all this. Very useful.

    May well give TriActive in Chester a visit for some kit.

    But what about bikes?

    Do most of you buy them online or travel to make sure it's right for you?
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Mevans ... yeh i guesss I have a slight obligation to Triactive .. is all over my trisuit for some reason ... anyhow they do sell bikes but only on order they dont carry stock of them but everything else tri wise they will have in. I got a really good deal on a kuota. As for buy a bike (from where ever) esp a tri bike I wouldnt look at offline unless I knew exactly the fit i needed. At least going into a shop you can try the thing first. that shop in chester set up a turbo for me to test drive the and threw in a fitting service with a bike mechanic.

  • Mevans

    I have just purchased a Quintana Roo Tequilo from J E James in Sheffield which is there TRi Specific Shop, it's worth a look at there web site before you make a trip to see what special offers they have on.

    Failing that there is a good shop in Leeds( Horsforth) called Triangle ask for Adam, Deals in Principia and Bianchi but can pretty much get hold of most bike for you.

  • Matt and Damion at Tri-1st in Birmingham


    Opened earlier this year.

  • rob1rob1 Posts: 10
    There is a new Tri shop opening in Four Oaks, Sutton, in a few weeks. Called Tri World Sports, keep an eye out for it
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