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Hi, New to this, both the forum and Triathlon. I have been reading the magazine for a few months. After doing the coast to coast bike ride and also the Great North Run, so was looking for the next challenge. What does a tri suit do? and why do I need one? and do you wear swimming trunks underneath them?


  • Hello,

    Tri suit is a particularly unflattering item of clothing but vital for racing if you want to be as efficient as possible. It is basically an all in one made of swimsuit material with an integral pad to make the cycling leg slightly more comforatble.
    It means that you can jump out of the pool and straight onto the bike without having to dry off or change your clothes and then again off the bike to the run with no changing. All the water dries fromthe suit on the bike leg and it's pretty good for wicking away sweat too.
    You don't wear anything underneath it, I'd suggest one in black as it's quite an exposing garment to get used to in the beginning- unless of course you habitually wear skintight lycra, in which case you'll be right at home. After a while you'll lose all sense of dignity like all other triathletes and be indulging in behaviour and clothing that would make normal people recoil in digust and fear.

    Good luck!
  • M47hewM47hew Posts: 18
    Many thanks for the information ARobinett. If you mean do I have more lycra than the wife, well not yet!!!. But I agree black is probably the way to go. Thanks for the advise I will no doubt be asking lots more questions over the coming weeks/months
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    The advice given is good.
    There also some different types of tri suit and prices vary from 30 to stupid money.
    If you are buying one make sure you try it on first as these things dont size like you think they would. For exam I am 6 ft and 12 and half stone with a 38 inch chest. Normal buy small or medium in most shops for shirts or T-shirts and anything over a 32 inch waist would fall off me. But my trisuit is a 2XU compression suit and its a large.

    As said above you will look a bit odd in it the first time you pull one on but when you get to the race you will just blend in with the other lycra clad racers.

    As for black it is the colour of choice for most racers but be wared if your family or friends are there to support you its not easy to pick you out as most will be in black tri suits!

    red is by far the fastest colour in Triathlon but black hides the bumps and lumps!
  • M47hewM47hew Posts: 18

    Many thanks for the confirmation re the Tri Suits. Looks like I might struggle getting one to fit then as I'm 6'1 14 stone and 42" chest. I guess like everything all makes will be different sizes!! Can't beat standardisation!!!!!!

    I don't mind looking a bit odd, the wife tells me I look odd most of the time lol.

    The black tri suit problem of been spotted by family shouldn't be difficult, as I would guess it been my first season and first race in April I would assume I will be near the rear of the pack. But it will give me lots of targets to achieve if I am near the back. Quicker times, better finishing positions etc

    If red is the fastest colour perhaps I need to get red and just train harder to get rid of the lumps and bumps. Every little helps lol.
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