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Achillies heel problem

After completing a pb for a half marathon a fortnight ago. Ive developed quite a lot of pain from my left achillies heel to the outer part of my ankle bone, and also what feels like my hip into the thigh muscle on the same leg.

Ive had a break from running since and decided to try a thirty minute run yesterday....wrong! Pain came back after about twenty minutes. Anyone had similar problems and a magic cure?[:(]


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    nasty one there hound, I dont know what the best thing to do would be. If I were you I'd do some running on the cross-trainer or in the pool as alternative training, definetely not normal running for about two weeks. Then retry it and if it still doesn't work, go see a physician. Injuries suck[:'(], really hate that stuff. Hope it gets better quickly.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Hound Dog,

    I echo Benny's advice go and see a physio. When it comes to injuries get the advice of an expert, not us lot. Proper diagnosis and treatment will get you back up and running again alot sooner, I doubt there is a magic cure.

  • Get a massage. Most achilles injuries are caused by tight calves and a massage will help loosen the muscles off. They will also be able to give you some exercises to stop it coming back again and check that you haven't done anything nasty, like torn a muscle.

    It won't be a magic cure but it is your quickest way of getting running again.
  • Thanks for that guys, sound advice. Didnt really think there was a magic cure Boycie but had to ask. There is no way I can run in the pool benny, although itsgreat resistance work Id feel a plonker just bobbing around.

    Sports massage booked for 6th Dec Caz and I find it hard to beleive but managed to get a physio on the nhs!!! yeeha. Fingers crossed.
  • I would blame that little s*** that dragged you around the course.
  • You! you *%!*, beep beep beep! lol. Hows it going? recovered from Florida? Been to physio, things are on the up.
  • Florida now a dim and distant memory.

    Hope the physio went well. I have finally got the go ahead for the knee op! Just waiting for the suitable donor to appear on the list[:D]

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