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Achilles heel (help)

Ive been entering Triathlons for a year now and have been entering various 10k and half marathons lately.

Ive recently been getting very painful achilles heels after events, which seem to last for weeks.

Anybody got any cures or suggestions how to avoid this? Thanks.


  • Difficult to pin down an exact cause but try and eliminate some of the possibles.

    Have you tried new trainers (the heel tabs can rub), longer distances (strain on the calf can translate to tendon pain), a lot of time on the road

    As for treatment, some ice can help (try freezing it in a paper cup then using to massage the affect area) but rest is the key to letting it settle down.

    Hope it gets better
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I have suffered regularly with achilles problems.All these variations have provided some relief,New trainers I am over 14stones so tend to go thru them quickly as the mid sole gets crushed.Change to a trainer with more motion control/support.Orthotic insoles may help Boots the chemists sell off the peg ones for around 25 quid made by orthoheal,if these work it may be worthwhile investing in some custom made ones.After a period of rest try alternating between heat(hot water bottle) and ice over a 20min period.The achilles has very poor circulation so by alternating heat and cold it will encourage the blood to circulate better.For exercise single leg ankle raises on a step,stand on a step with just the body weight supported by the ball of the foot and let the ankle and heal relax now push up so you stand almost on tip toe the relax 15 times for each leg.Hope this helps.
  • Thanks very much SouthCoastExle & jon.E Thats given me food for thought as I too am just tipping 14stones and shoes are a llittle over a year and a half old.I also didnt seem to have the same greif when I did an off road 10mile race.

    Maybe its time to invest in new shoes.
  • RewRew Posts: 62
    Biomechanical podiatrist.

    A person that studies the mechanics of the foot.

    I had the same problems as you with my achillies. In fact four years ago I could run no further than five minutes without excruciating pain in both achillies.

    A friend of mine from my rugby club suggested a visit to a 'bio pod' .I went along and told of my pains and after a few sessions had a set of orthotis made to measure and since then I'm back playing rugby and doing triathlon as well.

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Thanks Rew never heard of a Bio Pod, have reasted for a while and am going for a run tomorrow. If Im still getting grief I'll see if theres one in Inverness.
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