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1st open water tri Scotland

I want to enter some open water tri's this year, preferably within travelling distance of Inverness. I have a wetsuit (hardly used) and can count on one hand the amount of times I have swam in open water.So nothing tricky! Any suggestions??


  • Hey Hounddog

    Nice to hear from another Highlander.

    We are based in Fort William and tend to try to get some open water training as soon as the water is warm enough to actually breathe when you get in it. We tend to try and do some brick sessions usually to olympic distance.

    I managed a few open water stuff last year. The tri at Gullane in August is a smasher! You get to cycle past Archie's castle out of Balamory! The other good one is Glasgow, although the swim is in Strathclyde Loch which is not the most pleasurable experience. A good website is the Glasgow Tri club, you will get an address if you google them. Dont forget about the big triathlon in Fort William in September I did it last year. The best part was the fresh strawberries at the top of the Ben. www.nofussevents.co.uk.

    All the best

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Thanks for that, what time of year are you talking about? roughly. Do you have a club? Im not really sure what a brick session is, doh!! but really want to get into open water training.
  • Start open water stuff late April. Usually do about 1500m around a couple of Islands.

    We try to tie everything together usually doing an olympic distance triathlon every two or three weeks. This involves a 45K bike on road and then a 13mi run.

    We have just set up a club but we dont have formal training sessions because the bike and the running club is really strong downhere.

    Do you know of any other triathletes in Inverness?
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