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one side stronger than the other

I know everybody has a stronger side to their body, but since increasing training ie weights and some gym classes Ive noticed (mainly in swimming) how much stronger my right side is.

Does this affect anybody else?

My job is quite manual and do use the right side of my body quite a lot.

Any training tips/advice to even things up?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,use dumb bells rather than bar weights or machines so that you know that your left side is pushing/pulling the same as your right.When using machines your stronger side will automaticlly help out your weaker side so will always be stronger,by independantly exercising each side you can guarrantee each side will be pushing the same.You can use it to your advantage in swimming,so if your right side is stronger and the swim course is anti clockwise by starting at the far right of the start line your body will naturally force you towards the turn bouy.Hope it helps.
  • Thanks for that, I must admit i go for the bar when doing weights and can relate to the right side helping out the left on any of the machines. Will give dumbells a try. As for swim,I have only been in pool based tris last year but hope to enter an open water this year so will bear your info in mind.
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