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foam rollers and the stick - self massage

Getting back to increasing my training volume after a lazy couple of months and the aches and pains are returning. I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience of using foam rollers and 'the stick'. I have heard good reports of the later on a cycling podcast and there seems to be a massive variety of foam rollers available.

Any pointers appreciated. I do visit a physio occasionally and was really considering these as an addition to my recovery.

Regards, Derek.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Foam rollers all the way, not used stick, but seems a lot of cash for less versatility than rollers.
    Get a memory foam one that will keep its shape a little better for longer.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I use a foam roller almost every day for ITB/upper leg and back muscle tightness and its so good. For something that soft, it hurts like an SOB but immediatley loosens things up. I just got mine from the physio. As for the stick, im interested in getting one, cos its tough to get enough weight onto the roller when using it on calves/shins, so I think the stick would be much better for lower legs.
  • I have used both, the stick is awesome as you can put as much or as little pressure through it as you like whereas the rollers you are limited by your body weight (dont get me wrong - i am not limited i have bodyweight to spare!) and it will last a lifetime, while it seems expensive how many other purchases can you make for triathlon for £40 that will last that long!
    The rollers are also excellent and half the price but get the softer one if you can, its hard enough for what you will need. The hard one is just painful for pains sake (as mentioned the ITB roll will at least make your eyes water or worse ) Although its half the price it will go out of shape slightly probably making the stick better value for money IMO
  • Bought a foam roller a couple month after good comment from the forum.

    Alway struggled in the past when recovering from runs, if I use a foam roller as part of strectching post run I find my recovery is much better so along with everyone else would endose their use. I certainly notice the difference the following couple of day if I do not use.
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Anyone tried the Grid foam roller? (think its called trax and its orange)

    I was thinking about it.
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