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holdall/bag recommendation?

Ive been looking around for a new holdall/bag to use for swimming,gym and triathlon events, a decent size but will fit into a locker. With so many to choose from, I wondered if anyone has any recommendations or criticisms.


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I'd be interested in anything anyone has to say on this as well, my old bag is ready to go to the big baggage system in the sky soon [8D]
  • I use the Ironman transition pack rucksack which is pretty good. It is large enough for all my kit and has plenty of compartments for both wet and dry gear.

    I think I paid about £40 for mine but have just found it for £29 at:

  • Will have a look at that cheers. I was thinking about a holdall this time around, but with so many to choose from and just seeing them on line, you dont actually know what youre getting till it arrives.
  • What I find really good is a plastic "Really Useful Box" (yes that is the real name!) from staples, for Tri's as you can stuff all your kit in them, they have a lid so it doesn't get wet or spilt over the back seat of your car and once you've cleaned your kit it can all be packed up and stored ready to grab for your next race. Swimming and Gym wise, I have a small 20l Karrimor daysack from Blacks, just big enough to stuff a towel, shower gel and phys kit in. Oh and most importantly, it looks cool too!

    Boxes can be found here:

  • I have a triathlon Bag by Saucony.

    Awesome bage with all the compartments needed for all my gear and also a handy extendable zip pouch for my wet stuff after a race.

    I bought it at The London Triathlon a couple of years ago and have found it most useful.

    I hope this gives you another option.
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