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Triathlon money saving tips?

I read one reply one here where the subscriber suggested putting a screwdriver through the top of an old water bottle and add a piece of plastic tube. This has worked a treat on my aero bars.

Due to Triathlon being quite an expensive sport, I thought I'd ask if anyone else has any tips or short cuts to keep costs minimal....ie making your own sports drinks etc.


  • Um, ebay is the first thing that springs to mind. Other than that:

    - hire a wetsuit, or buy one of the previous year's hire suits (these are generally only worn about 4 or 5 times as most of us practice in the pool and only wear the wetsuit on race days and occasional open water practices. They can also be much cheaper e.g. 35-50% off).

    - Buy a bike in January and get the previous year's model. The shops are all desperate to clear space for the new year's model and often knock 30%+ off the price (my bike was reduced from £1799 to £1099).

    - There are cheap alternatives to bodyglide but I'm not sure which are best - baby oil?

  • At the moment I am expierementing with mixing half fruit juice and half water with a bit of salt as my cheap sports drink.It does not taste too bad.

    When I was still living in S Africa I had a recipe from Runners world which was something like (if a remember correctly) 8 table spoons of Lemon Juice 4 teaspoons of sugar, some salt, and topped up with enough water to make two litres. Tasted very nice.

    WRT kit I have bought a few bits of cycling gear from Tchibo (when they have it!) short sleeve top, gloves, long sleeve top and they have lasted well. A fraction of the price. And at those prices if it lasts one season you are laughing! Short sleeve top was £5, still going strong!

    I also tend to by the winter stuff now, and put it away for next year.
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