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Turbo trainers

Hi all!

Can anyone recomend a good make/model of turbo trainer for around £150-£200.? Not really interested in gimmicks just good resistance options and minimal tyre wear.




  • I use the Minoura Mag 500, which doesn't have any electronic, on-board computational, multi-resistance calculators, just a simple cable that you clip to your handlebars and can adjust through 6 different resistance settings. I think I got it for about £120, and I love it.
  • Hi Kozmik,

    I use a Minoura RDA-850 which is a rim-drive turbo as it means I can keep the knobblies on the MTB rather than change tyres. (I don't even have a road bike yet)

    I don't know if its possible within your budget, but there are some turbos out there with computers that will give you cadence - many training programs use intervals of high cadence, grinding out the big gears etc... so this is a useful feature. Although a bog standard turbo with something like the Cateye Astrale 8 computer (about £30) that can be mounted off the rear wheel can also give you the same function. When combined with a HRM, you can get some pretty decent winter training under your belt.

    One point to note though, is that some turbos can be fairly harsh on tyres - so you might want to consider a turbo specific tyre - I think Continental do one IIRC.


  • Excellent help guys - thanks very much for the info'!

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