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Advice on first season

Hey, i have decided to take up triathlon and am going to start training properly in the new year (when i get a bike). I wondered what advice people can give me on what races to do in the season, how many and how often apart? i'm looking to do olympic distance but have entered the blenheim sprint in early june. should i just go for an olympic and see how it goes or maybe do sprints for my first season?

i suppose that decision will effect how i train. can anyone suggest any good sources with which to design a training program?




  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi joshbd - welcome to the madhouse.

    What you do in your first season depends on your basic level of fitness, your competitiveness - and how much time you have to spare. Try an early season sprint, and if that goes ok, enter an oly later in the season. Or another sprint (or oly) or 6 if you get hooked!

    In my first season I just did 2 spirints, May and Sept, but I started with zero fitness.

    Most important thing is to enjoy it.

  • Hi Josh

    How fit are you and what have you been doing to get that fit?

    With decade of running behind me i started this year with 7 triathlons spread from April to September. I concentrated on sprints 400-600m/20-40km/5-10km and survived. Next season i will move to Olys and after that????

    Don't be in a rush to complete your first ironman, too many people complete but don't compete at long events just because they want to prove they can. Better, to build a solid base and then compete at your chosen distance. Do yourself justice.

    Whatever you do, enjoy it and then you can do it some more!

  • hey david thanks for the advice,

    i'm pretty fit to be honest but not where i want to be yet. i've been running and swimming a lot recently and i think that's one of the reasons i decide i wanted to so some tri next season. i want to do oly dist ultimately just don't know whether to enter all sprints this yr or go for a couple of sprints early n then try some olys?


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