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what is the mecca of triathlon's?

hey just wondering what the big races around the world are? i know kona is for ironman but what about other distances like oly?


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    I don't think there are any really. The ITU races would be very popular and where they have been before i.e. Salford. But with Ironman there is a specific world championship race and this is Kona which just happens to be the location (or near enough) for the first ever tri. So it is special.

    But for other distances it is not the same - me thinks [:)]

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    For big groups and big crowds at Olympic Distance races, you can't go too far wrong by looking at the big cities around the world. London Triathlon in early August has close to 10,000 competitors and is in a pretty crowd-friendly venue in the Docklands. The NYC Triathlon in late July is a pretty big one and the crowds around Central Park are pretty loud and supportive. The Chicago Triathlon in late August is pretty good (and flat, and great views). I have heard the LA Triathlon in September is pretty huge and you get to swim/cycle/run from Venice Beach and around through Hollywood.
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    dont think you can go wrong with london!

    i did it this year and great atmosphere good course plus saw the elites running after we had all finished

    plus i think its the biggest tri in world (for numbers doing it)
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    Yeah, London rules! IMHO.
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    BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    London is great (even for a first attempt at an oly distance).

    The only other one I've heard of that tickle's my fancy (for being a mecca) is the Escape from Alcertraz.
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    As a newbie - 1st year in Tri's (completed 3 sprints) - missed London Oly due to a back problem thankfully now resolved. Seeing the following races on the television, being overweight and very nearly 40 gave me the idea to give triathlon a go !!!!

    My mecca's of Triathlon are:-

    Kona IM

    Lanzarotte IM

    Escape from Alcatraz (saw it live was on hols in SF last year a tough race !!)

    London Tri

    One day I will have done 3 of them [:)][:)][:)][:)]

    Happy Training

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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Does have to be Kona really doesn't it! Go hard or go home...

    Other cool races though - Pucket Tri Thialand! looks awesome and very challenging with the humidity....... & temptation whilst preparing, must be a bit tough! ;o)

    Think japan would be another great one.

    London - Agree its good but windsor beats it with awesome scenery - I mean, the limehouse link is really fun to cycle through but then so is that huge hill into the great windsor park!
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