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Hart rate Monitors

Hi all,

Just signed up for my first triathlon next year - the Olympic distance at London in August (I've just discovered the 5th discipline - the "what the heck have I done?" stage!!!) - all suggestions welcome.

I've been advised to get a heart rate montior to train and race with and wondered if anyone had any advice.

The two I had my eye on are the Timex T5F001 and the Timex 5C401. Has anyone got one of these and could comment or know anyone who has.

Sure I'll need much more advice over the coming months so be patient with me.

thanks a lot,



  • GrantGrant Posts: 15
    I use one when I run - I've found it invaluable for pacing myself correctly when I race. It stops me running too fast and the start and then running out of gas at the end.

    I know what my heart rate should be at various stages throughout a 10km race - I've stuck to keeping my heart rate around these levels and still managed to knock almost 5 minutes of my PB in a matter of a couple of months.
  • CenCen Posts: 10
    I have a very basic model that suits me well, although a few more functions would be useful. It provides current hr, average and that's about it. It's definitely worth getting one and i believe timex to be pretty well rated, as are polar. If price is an issue though I'd strongly recommend one from Decathlon (where I got mine, their own brand equipment is very competitive) but get one with more functions that i did (hr zones at the least I'd say).
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