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tuff guy

[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m9.gif[/image] hi all you tuff guys wae that water cold or what i got stuck in the tunnels felt a push on my feet and got out i looked round to hellp the person out and a german guy at lest 6.6 tall got out it was not as fare for him,will i do it next year ,the wife says no i say roll on january.


  • Iain your right, the water it was freezing! I took the advice of Steve Mac and had a swimming cap under my hat! It came in really handy when I lost it at the water tunnels! I guess you're still riding the high from completing it, I know I am.

    Been out on a couple of training runs since and want to climb over walls or jump thru a ditch to make them more interesting! [:D]

    Anyway, why are you going to wait for next january there is 2 more tough guy events this year!!!! I'm itching to go to at least 1. I know I must be mad, I should really get my eye back on training for triathlons this season!

    Maybe someone could event a tough guy triathlon[:D] Wonder what it could involve?


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