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What shoes for off road duathlon

Im new to all this, and was wondering what shoes people use for the cycling leg of an offroad duathlon. Am i best off just sticking to my x-country trainers and getting some toe clips? Or should I look for some cheapy cycling shoes and pedals on the bay to use?


  • Hi Anthony,

    well not speaking as a proffessional, I just did the Cirencester Duathlon, where the mud wasa nightmare on the bike course, I saw that the elite had shoes attached to their pedals, but the majority of people just did it in their trainers, but be warned they do get very very muddy and on some parts of the course I did need to walk, mainly because the mud was too thick wet and the tyres werent able to grip as they had turned into slicks!!! Anyway have a good one wherever it may be.
  • Thats what I was thinking, x-country trainers and possibly bike clips, might have to do a few test runs and see what I prefer. Thanks for the reply.
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