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cheap bikes

hi can anyone please help me i was searching the web today an came across alibaba website so i looked up t/t bikes and wow i have managed to find a giant trinity advanced SL 0 for ..... 771 usd which equals 485 quid i have been in contact with the supplier and exchanged many emails he even sent real photos of the bike being built ok could be any photos and a big scam but curiosity is killing me!! he has sent me an invoice with his bank details and will only accept bank transfer anybody bought a bike and recieved it please let me know steve


  • er..... say ythat again... with punctuation!!!!!!!!!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    A supplier who will only accept bank transfer, money goes and you hope the bike turns up?

    Sorry if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

    Where is the suppiler USA?
    Is the supplier listed in Google, Yellow Pages?
    Do they have their own website?
    Have you looked up the website on Whois?

    Have you spoken to them on the listed telephone number? US mobiles have the same area code and number format as landlines.

    Why won't they accept credit cards? I know the US can be funny about foreign cards - yes the US do think we are foreign - how odd.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Just checked Alibaba - apart from Chinese and other dubious countries there are only 5 listed for the US - is the supplier Cycle Store Inc? I have posted on this before. The genuine UK based Cycle Store are fed up with foreign scamsters hijacking them
  • after many emails badgering i have managed to get a supplier to accept paypal so for a cervelo p4 team bike he wants 3,000 usd , a bargain im covered with paypal and will keep you lot updated over and out
  • Mate are you 100 % sure you are covered? roughly 1900 quid for a P4 team bike sounds ridiculously cheap ?!?
  • Mate - one more thing. Please Google "Alibaba scam" and there are loads of forums about people that have been scammed by this company even through Paypal. Seriously bud, do not deal with these people.

  • big4ndybig4ndy Posts: 24
    There may be trouble ahead........

    Post a pic of the bike if/when you get it.

    Good luck mate.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    scam scam scam..... mate if you part with your cash then you are clearly insane.
  • TesseractTesseract Posts: 280

    Good news/ Bad news:

    Bad news
    Almost every company on these sites (there's a few) are a scam, especially ones in certain regions of China & Indonesia. Many have very genuine looking websites, and will respond to emails etc. They will take your money and run.

    Good news
    There are a few reputable companies, search on Google for Chinese frames, there's a long forum thread on one of the cycling forums that talks about some reputable companies, but you would be building your own bike, it wouldn't be Scott/ Giant/ etc.

    More Good News:
    If you have been silly enough to part with your cash, Paypal will cover you - but only if it's paid via the company's website. You might not be covered if it's been a personal payment.

    How do I know? I did it, but persuaded the company to do the sale via their website and Paypal. Never received a bike, but did get a full refund thanks to Paypal. I did a lot of emails to Paypal beforehand to ensure I was covered, and also investigated the company to provide Paypal with info.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I replied on a similar posting, the supplier had a website that looked convincing, they referred to themselves as a legitimate store in the UK and US but when you looked closely little inconsistencies revealed themselves. Any reference to Cycle Store inc is a scam as they refer to the genuine Cycle Store from Congleton who are mightily chuffed off.

    Honestly $4000 for a P4 - for a frame yes but a complete bike?

    As before search Alibab scam which also details how you will also get scammed even if using Paypal

    Don't do it
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