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Help with Tubulars.

Can anyone help with a few queries regarding the use of Tubular tyres during a race:

1) When using Tub tape how easy is it to remove the old Tub in the event of a puncture?

2) Is it necessary to replace the tape after a puncture or does it retain enough tackyness to enable you to mount a new tub for the remainder of the race?

3) How much pressure will a 16g co2 cannister put into a 700x22 Tubular (do you need more than one co2 cannister to get the tyre up to a decent pressure)?

4) Has anyone had experience of using Tufo puncture sealant in tubulars? Does it work? Can you put more air into a tub with this sealant present? Can you deflate the tub fully at any time?

5) Lastly what is the best way to store spare Tubs - if you keep them on spare rims should they be inflated and if so partially or fully?

Any advice on any of the above would be much appreciated.


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