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ITU & "world" duathlon champs

This is probibly just the start of my rant and it probibly is illegal under ITU rules but here goes....

Having just returned from Hungary I feel cheated and unfortunatly some of my own GB "team mates" are very guilty.


Pre race briefing its clearly stated if your caught in the 7x3m box then you'll be red carded by the draft buster and disqualified.

Fine - but then they drop the bombshell... age categorys 18 through to 40 will all race together - thats 250+ competitors on a 3 lap course with not one dead turn but five!

So here's what happens the bike leg quickly becomes a bunch race despite the ITU official blowing the whistle profusely in the first 5 miles.

* I try my dam hardest to drop the buggers off my wheel only to look behind and find them clinging on complete with ITU offical on motor bike.

I drop back off the bunch to ask the official about the red card and he shrugs.... I point and the bunch dissappearing down the road... he shrugs he shoulders again.

(* this process repeats itself over the next 3 laps)

Its a complete farce... either the rule exists & is enforced 100% or they legalise drafting for non elite... but a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders is not acceptable.

In past years I've pretty much just got on with it and accept it that some will cheat. 2004 saw one nation more or less team time trial unhindered by the draft busters. 2006 I politely explained to team USA when overtaking that drafting wasn't allowed... but this year just takes the biscuit.
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