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How much training for Ironman

I have entered my first HIM this year and am considering entering an Ironman (if not this year, then hopefully next) but time is precious.
I have 2 young children and currently do a max of 8 hours a week training which is fine for Olympic distance but I am concerned that I will struggle to do enough training in the time to do justice in the longer distance events.
I can probably stretch to 10 hours a week nearer the event with a max of 12 hours occasionally, but I fear that 15-16 hours a week of training could be disastrous on the home front

I am an average age grouper and would aim to complete in a semi-respectable time without throwing up, is this possible? If so, any suggestions on how to train to ensure the long events don't finish me off?


  • SickBoySickBoy Posts: 19
    No idea what the answer to your question is but I feel your pain regarding two small kids limiting training options.

    I find it makes finding time to train really difficult and the only options tend to be lunchtimes which aren't long enough, or late at night.

    My plan is to wait for them to grow up a little bit more so it's less effort for the wife to be looking after them and I won't be missed so much disappearing for several hours on the bike on a Sunday.

    People always say just get up earlier, but when you're already not getting enough sleep to begin with it doens't seem like a good option to me.
  • I have a similar issue - a very young daughter and not enough time. What about using a turbo trainer in the house - it's a bit boring, but at least you'd be at home, rather than out in the wilds (doesn't work for me as we haven't got the space, but it's worth a thought).

  • How much training for Ironman? Fuck loads. You will begin to think it acceptable to get up and cycle 100 miles, then run for two hours and then want to go to the pool for a bit. Your family will hate you, your bank manager will hate you. Just take up smoking crack, its just as destructive but less painful.
  • Have you read Be Iron Fit???? It's worth a look as it would hit some of your probs
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