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RX sunglasses (prescription lenses)

Despite being almost perfect in many other ways.. I have terrible eyesight -6 RHS and -5 LHS. It appears that Oakley and Rudy Project can only produce lenses insports models up to -4. I cannot wear contacts, I am using an RX insert but it is very prone to steaming up and being unwipable especially when riding in the bunch.

Is anyone aware of a cutting edge optician or company who migt be able to help or any other suggestions? Thank you


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Laser eye surgery - my wife had it and she swears by it. She was blind as a bat also.

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    My future wife had laser surgery back in 1993/94. It was quite cutting edge at that time. I made her use a proper surgeon to do the job. Her prescription wasn't too bad -2/-1.5. Recently, they have detoriated a bit - so that she has some lenses which she wears some of the time. But 10 - 15 years of now lenses at all, from wearing contact lenses/glasses all the time.

    The worse you are, the better the results can be too.

    There is a fair bit of experience now, so success rates are much better than back then. So as long as you consider the risks, make sure the person doing it understands what they are doing (i.e. not the teaboy that you get at the cheapest clinics), it is certainly something to consider - assuming your eyes are reasonably stable/developed - which, if you are over 24 years old, they will be.

    For playing sports it is a life changing op.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have Oakley frames (proper ones not sunglasses) with photochromic lenses in & occasionally steam up when stopped after a ride, but not during, I run in them as well with no problems.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    When glasses with an insert steam up it's a bit like getting your double glazing steam up - its impossible to wipe and to clear
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    Hi Treefrog. My eyesight is even worse than yours, and I've come across the same issue with Oakleys. I investigated RX lenses for Oakelys and Rudy Project, but realised I would get nowhere. So I decided to get some daily contact lenses just to compete in.

    Last year (first season in tri), I wore my glasses and some prescription goggles. But on the bike, getting down low and aero was a pain in the butt as my specs weren't high enough up my nose – I ended up looking over the top of them and not being able to see where the hell I was going. Also, when I run, my poxy glasses always slip down.

    Never really got on with contact lenses before, but it's a necessary evil for me. And I did a half marathon the other week with my contacts and Oakley shades, and didn't even know I was wearing them. That's what I'll do from now on.

    Scared of laser surgery. You only get one pair of eyes. All it takes is for some clown to cock it up. And everybody's eyesight deteriorates eventually anyway. Besides, I don't think they could correct my -7 blindness completely.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Thanks for the reply - what's the story with contacts? Can I get a set pop them in for the duration of a ride and then sling them and return to my normal glasses when the bike ride is over? Or do I have to buy a whole supply of them and wear them every day in order to condition my eyes to them?

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    Hi Treefrog,

    I'm a realtively new convert to Contact lens.. I used to be pink glasses all the way.. but wanting to see while doing sport forced me to try contacts..

    When you first try them you are only suposed to wear them of a few hours ever day to get your used to them.. after a week you can start wearing them for longer periods at a time..

    A really cheap option is to buy a pack of 1 day disposables, you can pick up 30 pairs for about £15 I think...

    just pop them in before the ride and when it's over take them out..

    I have a real adversion to things in my eyes and it took me a while to get used to putting them in/taking them out.. it does get easier...

    In the end I've settled for Monthly Lens. I put them in and leave them in for 4 weeks (including sleeping in them) then take them out, throw away and put a new pair in. Dead simple and it has changed my life... Being able to see when I awake up is so good!! Although the world does look a little harsher when not so pink[:(]

    I have a question to ask you about cycling if I may.. I'll post it tomorrow or PM if you don't mind?


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    I too used to have trouble with contact lenses - I used to wear hard gas permeable lenses but gave up on them in the late 90's as they were too uncomfortable. Recently, like tri_tri_again I converted to daily disposables and they are the business.

    I am happy to wear glasses for most things and only wear the contact lenses when I'm being sporty - i.e. running, cycling or playing golf. I have prescription Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles for swimming and they are superb. Got them from Wiggle - with a discount code, I think I paid around £23 for them. If you are thinking of getting prescription goggles pay around another £4 and get a bottle of anti-fog spray. It's worth it in my mind.

    My contact lenses are -3.25 in both eyes. I'm on a Direct Debit scheme with Specsavers and since I wear the lenses infrequently I only get 30 pairs sent overy 3 months. I pay £12 a month, but that is for a mid range lense. To be honest, I've tried a few different types of daily disposables from cheap ones to expensive ones and not found any great difference in the comfort stakes which to my mind justified the difference in monthly cost.

    I think payments start from around £8 or £9 a month for 30 pairs every 3 months. I think you will pay from £25 upwards a month if you want enough pairs of lenses to use a new pair every day. Most opticians send you out 3 months supply in one go.

    When I first thought about using the daily disposables, I went into the Specsavers near my work, told them what I wanted and they gave me about 8 pairs or so (enough to last a week). I wore a new pair each day for a week to see how I got on.

    Now, I wouldn't be without them - no cleaning, no fuss - when your finished with a pair just put them in the bin.

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Thanks for all the advice I'll get round to giving the disposable contacts a go
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