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Hierarchy of Bikes

OK Many posts here ask about bikes and I am a bike snob... but I will give my take on the subject.

1. A decent bike costs around £500 you can race on a mountain bike, on a shopping bike , on your mate's bike .... but a decent bike is £500 AT LEAST. These bike have something resembling race geometry ie the angles on the frame are fast but err on the side of comfort

2. A £1000 bike is great it wil have all the kityou need and it won't hold you back - look for 105 kit but generall7 a good race specific bike. Bikes at this price give you a choice - basically COMFORT or SPEED. Tighter anges= speed, Higher head tubes = comfort. Most manufactuers load this end of the market.

3. Race Bikes £1500 plus Don't let this put you off. It is possible to buy ba top of the range-ish bik4e at this price; look for #1. Frame, #2. wheels and then look at the kit. Mail order and email companys do deals on these all the time,

Finally do what I do save/ get a loan and buy the absolute best .... Cervelo/Record/Corima.... www.slanecycles.com


  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    have to agree with your latter point, buy the best frame you can afford and work your way up the spec of groupsets and wheels.

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