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Extra Discipline for Triathlon

jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
As a Newbie,fledgling triathletes learn that triathlon is a 3 discipline sport.

As a Rookie,the 3 disciplines grow into 4 with the introduction that The Transition is not just organised chaos,but something that needs to be practiced.

Over the years as the sport has grown I seem to have found a Fifth discipline,particularly for the bigger events.This appears to be,the bloody long sprint from the queue of cars trying to get into the event area to the bike transition area to ensure the bike is still in one piece,before they close transition and then get to the start in time for your wave.

I know that there are going to be 2000 plus people trying to get to the carpark,so no matter how early I set off,I find the traffic jam,sitting waiting wondering if it will magically disappear,thinking should I go for street parking and walk,but risk car theft,traffic violation tickets(not the first time for that one),wait in the queue longer,park up and then run to the start,deciding not to check the bike as the transition area will have closed,its not just mentally,but physically taxing too.

Full points for the driver of the van in front of us on Sunday in St.Polten,who jumped out of his vehicle,flagged down a couple of motorcyclists and persuaded one to lend his wife their spare helmet and give her a lift to the start.
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