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A question for the ladies

Depends on what built-in support your trisuit has. My one-piece has no support so I do wear a sports bra, my two-piece (better for longer races!) has good built-in support so I don't wear one with that. And if your trisuit is light-coloured, check if it's see-through!


  • Do you wear a sports bra under you tri suit / swim suit? When competing in a aquathlon this weekend I noticed most people seemed not to?
  • I wear a North Face crop top under my club tri suit as it has no support. The top dries quick though. Also my tri-suit was designed by males and is yellow on the top half so it goes a bit see through in water.

    Have seen some people with shock absorber bras on under their tri suit.

    Don't know how quick they dry

  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    sorry for being overly male, but if ever we needed a thread with pics, this is the one....
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