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Metabolic / VO2 / lactate testing?

Anyone know where to get it done cheap?

I'm in Leicestershire, and would like to get to know a bit about my current fitness as an indicator of progression, plus I would like to know my personal training zones. I only started tri training this year, and I want to get better next year!

Loughborough Uni do it at £115 for bike or run (or 10% off if you book both). Any way to get it done cheaper?

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of testing? Did it help? Did you puke after the max test? [X(]


  • FWIW - A full lactate ramp test may not necessercarily be the best way forward for you unless you intend on getting repeat tests every 6months or so. A DIY test is far more applicable...

    What distance are you aiming at? Try a individual TT for bike or run to guage your progression and also provides great training. In the spring racing each individual discipline is a great way to prepare your body for the abuse you will put its way during the full on race season...

  • I've done a fair amount of physiology testing in the last three years at Exeter uni - the labs are state of the art and feedback is informative. It's up to you, like anything...pay the higher price and get good, detailed results, or go for a self test etc and get potentially unreliable data. A full VO2max/peak test will cost you around £60-£100 with lactate testing, but considering the thousands of pounds worth of testing equipment and the multimillion pound labs that you are tested in, to me, this seems worthwhile!

    Ben Holliss

    School of Sport and Health Sciences

    Univeristy of Exeter
  • Alternatives - my club (in)frequently advertises for ginea pigs for various exercise studies. The payback is you get free testing.

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