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I think this one might be an unusual request. I am mid forties and I have been doing triathlons now for 10 years but have had 2 seizures over the last year on both occasions preceded by several hours of difficulty in concentrating and occasional 'twitches' before a full blown seizure. I am now on anti-eplieptic medication (valproate). Is anyone out there diagnosed as epileptic? If so how do you cope with training, events, the drugs? I am desperate not to give triathlons up and want to maintain my current level of performance but equally I don't want to take really stupid risks.


  • I'm taking Epanutin to control mine, and it has been successful in preventing it.

    All I can say is that it hasn't prevented me doing anything in tri (although more for the sake of loved ones rather than my own fears, I don't swim on my own).


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Maccabbott - Speaking from a nurse type perspective - so long as you and your GP are happy with your current prescription & doseage as well as your aims for triathlon there shouldnt be an issue. Assuming you are managing you training with concern and can acheive the respective distances in each discipline then you should be okay. As you say you wouldnt be swimming in isolation & would be declaring your epilepsy with your race entry. Pace yourself through training so you body becomes accostomed to the demands placed upon it replicating race conditions more closely each time you train without overstepping the line. You may have to take a slight step backwards in your training for a while but this shouldnt mean you have to give up and may even result in you achieving more in the long run. Have a little faith in yourself and those around you yhat provide support for your condition. Do that & who knows what you may acheive.

    mad [:D]
  • thanks to both of you. I've had no side effects thus far from the epilim and am training ok although i won't know how well until I start to compete a bit. Most importantly I'm seizure free over the last 2 months
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