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time trials

[:D]why cant the B.T.F. sanction time trials ? is there a valid reason? or can they if they wish? after all if its marshalled and the police etc are informed why not sanction time trials? why should the RTTC and BRITISH CYCLING monopolize it? if as a club we are insured to put events on why not time trials? this could be a good regular income for triathlon clubs to have a time trial every week or month... let me know what you think .......the belly 1485 tri.... looking to help club funds...


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    zoezoe Posts: 28
    If you want to race Time Trials, just enter a local TT.

    British Cycling is for cycling, BTF for triathlon. Whats the problem with that?

    Most local TT's are undersubscribed anyway, and they rely a lot on volunteers. Why can't you support you local cycling club. Trying to get the BTF to put on TT's seems a little nasty for my liking. How would you feel if British Cycling decided to start putting on Triathlons?
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    the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [:D]it just seems daft and its expensive for clubs joining different governing bodies all time when if were insured to race why cant the BTF cover time trials...? thats all if all proceedures are in place...
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