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[:)]Whats the point of these so called super duper tri suits that suppose to make you go faster in the water? aqua this and that material...and cost a bomb... most of the races i do are in open water and i wear a wet suit.. so you may as well get a £10 tri suit from ALDI... what do you think..


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Beware the £10 trisuit, thin material, show your arse stuff....not seen one just guessing. Never buy a white, yellow, silver or other light colour for this reason.
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    the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    the £10 tri suit from aldi wasnt thin, or white but ive had one for 3/4 years and its still good but the thing is why pay top dollar for a speedy so called tri suit when most of us put a wet suit over the top?[:D]
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    I bought a new trisuit over the winter and I think the blurb (which always suckers me) included lots of words like 'wicking', 'aeration', 'quick dry', 'seamless stitching' etc. My last one was cheaper and started to fall apart at the seams after 2 years but was a perfectly good buy. I think the short answer is that you get a slightly better fabric, that is slightly more comfortable and slightly more durable. It costs quite a lot more compared to any savings, but then so do all the top things in Triathlon (i.e. a 100% more expensive bike that saves you 1% off your bike time etc.).

    That notwithstanding, I couldn't resist spending a bit more. Just as I suspect I won't be able to resist spending a bit more on my next bike when I eventually persuade my wife that my current bike just isn't rideable any more.....

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Chapeau to Aldi...to be honest I have never seen their trisuits, but did buy some ridiculously cheap winter leggings which fitted not at all well, but did keep me old knees warm, lasted a winter for something like £4, so no worries there.

    I have some ancient reebok trisuits for under wetsuit wear..one of which did have a silver panel at the back..hence my previous comment.
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    El DubyaEl Dubya Posts: 11
    I was under the impression that these new super duper speed suits are worn over the top of your regular tri suit in swims where wetsuits are not allowed. The wetsuit is deemed to give you increased bouyancy and these new suits don't add to your bouyancy so they are legal (or something like that I think!). I think there was a bit of a debate over it the year before last at Kona where some athletes were wearing them and others not. This year I think all the pros were wearing them.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    yes El Dubaya,

    I believe several brands have these suits now, google 'speedsuit' and 'Kona' and you'll see lots of different ones.

    Only problem is that they were not sure wether to ban them from competition or not. So they cleared it for Kona 2007, but I'm not sure how far they are on that issue now?
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