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What is A good time/splits for a fit first timer 25year old male? Someone Please tell me!

I have been trying my bext to find some splits of just what a good time is for a first timer, but so far no joy. I am basically fresh out of the pool and really enjoying the challenge of getting my times for the swim down.

It's the swim I am most concerned about as frankly I am useless at it, and for all my life up until a week ago really detest swimming as it is by far my weakest sport. operations have forced me to do do swimming at the moment so I am just trying to find a target or at least the previous times totals and splits of the london tri as I am entered in for 2007.

So i have so far completed (for the first time ever!) 1500m three times in the pool - my best time done this evening is an embarrassing 47 minutes which I am sure is pretty awful but just how awful is it?! how far to i have to go?? I am still at the stage of stopping briefly after every 25m length and in desperate need of some coaching but some idea of just how far off i am in the pool would be great.

also if any kind person wants to chip in about bike and run splits i would love to find out about that too. Many thanks


  • okay first of all I did london (my first oly) as follows last year

    swim 38mins

    Bike 01:24

    run 1hrs

    Plus tranisitions to me 3:15 or there abouts...

    Second up...if you are entering london next year...don't worry about swimming the full 1500m at this stage but fair play to you for doing it ;) - in wetsuit and without walls you'll probably be near the 38mins mark I would have thought especially with 8months more training...so this is a decent time I reckon

    ....if you are having to rest evert 25m then rest (don't time it though) build up gradually until you reach say 400m without a rest. (if you want i'll pm what I did last year as I was in the same boat)


    buy a book and/dvd tech on swimming this will give you some idea / a start about swimming tech and get some coaching or lessons probably the tri club will have coached sessions

  • Thanks looneytoon. Anyone know where I could find the times for splits and totals of last years London Tri? Would be good to know how the times range for my age group. I really need a goal to gun for! Also I fear I might be last out the water with a current PB of 47 minutes!

  • Richard


    Don't worry anbout other peoples splits, you won't be last.

    Look to your technique for swimming, last Jan i couldn't join up more than 2 lengths f/c at one time, now i'm swimming sub 7 min for 400m. Try slowing your arm stroke down and reaching forwards and backwards to maximise the length of your stroke. Join a coached seesion, ask at the local pool or find the local swim club; as a last resort you could even join your local Tri club[:)].

    Enjoy it.


  • ah thanks for that link, its not working though at the moment however! will try later though - fingers crossed its just misbehaving.
  • Why get worked up about yours times when your that fresh to triathlon? Enjoy it and give yourself something to beat on your next one.

    As a relative newbie myself, I have found that whatever position you finish in, you will get nothing but encouragement from fellow triathletes ,and looking for your next one. (at least thats how it is up in the north of Scotland) Good luck.
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