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New Forest Middle Distance Tri

Hi all,

I've entered the New Forest Middle distance tri for this September. I am not local to the area I was hoping somebody would be able to offer some guidance on the road and run section. How hilly is the bike section and is the run more trail than road? I've read differing reviews.

Thanks for any guidance offered.


  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    It's a lovely race. The swim is fine, bike is a bit lumpy but long flat sections too so not to bad. It's really all about the run.

    It's VERY tough. All but about 1.5 miles is trail and tough trail too, lots of long uphill drag's and one at about 9 miles that was about 5 inches of sand the year I did it!

    It's a great race and I'd highly recommend it but the run is gonna get ya! It's a toughy but very enjoyable.
  • Agreed it's a brilliant race and is most definately all about the run section!

    I did this race as my first Middle Distance in 2009 and after putting in a solid effort on the bike section, which is a bit lumpy but nothing to worry about hill-wise, proceeded to turn to jelly on the Run section.

    The run follows a loop around the New Forest and is almost all trails. The surface underfoot is good but it's extremely hilly and you must save yourself for the last half of the run, where you hit the "Sandy Gallop" a sandy uphill section (No escape/shortcut)!

    My advise to you is to always follow your long ride with a short run and incorporate alot of long hilly runs to your schedule! On race day fuel well on the bike leg and save yourself for the last half of the run!!

    But most of all enjoy it...... and avoid the wild beasties in the forest!!
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