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Winter tyre pressure? Any advice to avoid another Christmas Day fall???

Hi all,

To make space for Christmas Dinner I decided to go for a quick hour on the bike while the turkey cooked. Using my new track pump, I think I must have inflated the tyres too hard (105-110psi). It was not icey in any way, and not even wet, but when coming round a bend on my warm up I toppled over onto my bum (now limping around the house with a nasty scrape!!!) Anyway, I picked myself up and finished the ride, then went back to eat for England, but any advice to avoid this happening again would be great! Is there a definate difference in summer vs. winter tyre pressure?

Many thanks, from a slightly shaken up newcomer to triathlon.


No it wasn't my dodgy riding, or hungoverness from the night before (managed to cycle Lands End to John O'Groats in the summer with not one fall!) Cheers guys! Ben.
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