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Lanzagrot accomodation


Anyone done Lanzarote IM and not stayed at Club la santa?

Any recommendations on alternative accomodation would be appreciated.




  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    I am doing the event and have accomodation booked at an hotal thats right near the start for the swim. looked at Club la santa but its miles away from the start an thats that last thing i want to worry about on race morning.

    Ill try and find the details out, i just did a google search for beach hotels in Purto del Carmen, phoned them up and paid by card. I entered in July.

    I think we paid about 400 quid for the fortnight, which was about 800 quid cheaper than la Santa. OK its nothing like it for facilities but its bang right in the middle of the action.

    Can i ask if you have entered?
  • Hi Rich_C

    I saw you mention in the other thread that you were doing it.

    Yes, I entered 2 mths ago, (but am only just starting to train in earnest-oops). Lack of something to aim for this year has given me the bug again.

    Am looking to do a week, Tues - Tues. Probably 4 of us.
  • Apologies, I've asked a really bone question.[8|]

    I read all the blurb & got the impression that all was being run from La Santa. Pr@t!

    My head was full of other things when I read it. I thought i'd be looking for accom on the baren west coast. Doh[:'(]

    If you get the website, I'll still appreciate it

    It was easier in Germany, bunked up with familly!
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Hi mate,

    I belive the pasta party, pre race meeting and 'finnishers' party are all held at Club la santa. Thats the HQ for the whole thing.

    I got an email from Club la Santa offering 20% discount just the other week. Ive never been but I know a few guys who have and they could not fault the place.

    All the best with the training and the race[:)]
  • JapzaiJapzai Posts: 2
    We stayed in the Caleton Blanco Apartments last year. Very clean (I'm picky about that kind of thing), about 30 meters from the finish line / transition area.

    Pool isn't big, but the beach is just across the road.
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