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Hi everyone. Ive recently become interested in competing in duathlons (I would do triathlons but unfortunately my swimming ability is terrible). Im totally new to this sport, though from playing many sports from a young age, and the last year or so at uni (im 19 now), im fairly fit and think i could compete at a decent level. But, having not actually done one of these before im wondering how i compare. Today i did an approximately 8k run and 25k on the bike, my time being just over 30mins for the run and just over 50mins on the bike.

Also, if anyone could give me any info of where i can find any duathlons in my area (Bristol), im definitely going to enter the london duathlon in september after i get some serious training done, but that seems a long time away, and i would like to do a few before this for practice.



  • there are events listed on british triathlon.org plus a search on google provides plenty of options

    even if you are a poor swimmer now is the perfect time to improve as cold dark weather provides less incentive to get out on the bike

    if you start swimming now (maybe getting lessons) then you'll be fine by the time the triathlon season starts properly around may time
  • jimjim Posts: 12
    hi 2006 was my first year in any event, I am the same as yourself and not too good at swimming so i have taken part in 3 rowathlons replacing the swim leg with a concept 2 rower ,castle combe was my first 5k row 30k bike 7k run very enjoyable.Also took part at truxton and marlow but puncture lost me loads of time at marlow [&o], maybe you should try these events? go to www.dbmax.co.uk for event information, although the 2007 series is not on there yet i know they are doing events at castle combe and bowood house, nice and close to bristol The duahlons you mentioned are also held at castle combe db max have one on 4th march 2-10-2 and bath amphibians www.bathamphibians.co.uk hold a mid week series on the first wednesday of every month @ 7pm starting May those are 2-10-2 , also results from last years series are on the web sites so will give you a good idea as to your pace

    may be see you at castle combe?

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