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Weights for triathlon

I found the article on weight training for triathletes in the Dec (?) copy of 220 interesting and helpful, and have already devised a programme around those exercises.

Does anyone else use weights as part of their training regime, and, if so, can they pass on any helpful advice? Swimming is my weakest element and I'd be grateful for any tips on how weights might be able to help.

Many thanks.


  • weights will help but as swimming is your weakest event (mine too!) it would be advisable to make sure you get down to your local tri club for swim coaching making sure you are swimming at least twice a week and then fitting in a couple of shortish weights sessions in a week if you have the time
  • DRBDRB Posts: 5
    I'd support the idea of getting swim coaching first, as one of the main problems weaker swimmers have is that they use the wrong muscles! Pointless building up your swim muscles if you don't use them!
  • I find using the Concept 2 rowing machine is a good all round session, building strength in the shoulder and chest areas, as well as lung development. Great for swimming disciplines.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188

    I use weights as part of my training, mainly because I enjoy doing them.

    As for benefits, a couple of sessions a week will help in maintaining muscle mass and burning some additional fat. Endurance training is great for fitness but over time will reduce muscle mass as muscle provides fuel easier than fat in these circumstances.

    It depends on your goal but I aim to fit in 2 sessions a week, total body workouts both times. When the intensity of training increases or a race is a couple of weeks away then I'll drop the weights.

    With the right mix of diet and training weights can be an excellent 'additional training discipline'. However the others are right, don't use it to compensate for performance in the main disciplines.

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