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General exercise related woes...

Right, since I first decided at the begining of the year that this triathlon lark seemed like a good idea I've been doing alot more exercise. I let myself into it slowly, mainly focusing on the swimming because at the begining of the year I couldn't swim a 33m length (which made my first 1000m non-stop the other night quite satisfying). But as I've upped the pace a bit I've noticed some pains; some quite normal that just meant I'd pushed a bit hard a bit soon and went away after stepping back and building up a bit more, others less so...

#1) At the end of a short, but about-as-fast-as-I-can-make-it (i.e. quite slow(!)) run, I get this weird pain in my back, around the bottom of my ribs, mainly on the right hand side. Doesn't feel muscular as it's never a problem the next day, but it's been creeping into my slower, longer, runs too.

#2) Post exercise coughing. As a kid I always used to get this from swimming, but I put that down to inhaling half the pool as a rubbish swimmer; now that I've become a better swimmer it's only come back when I do longer swims, I also remember having it at the end of a marathon, and the massage woman being quite concerned, but I was just getting over a cold at the time. The thing about the cough is that it only happens straight after exercise (esp. swimming and long runs) and is caused by deep breaths which make my lungs, for want of a better word, hurt. As I sit here now I can take deeper breaths and stuff fine, no coughing.

#3) I hate my job a bit more as it's really restricting what I can do and when, and meaning I can't realisically join a club.

Thoughts, comments, experience, all greatfully received in what's turned out to be yet another rather long post!


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in any of these matters, but my advice is to get checked out by professionals. I would see a physio about your back, it may or may not be muscular but they should run a biomechanical analysis which may give some answers. I spent years suffering with lower back pain when running, I then discovered I have one leg shorter than the other and was given orthotics and have never had a problem since.

    As for the coughing, again I am no expert but it could be exercised induced asthma which is very common. A trip to the doctors should be able to diagnose that.

    From experience I find its best to speak to the people who know best asap.
  • domtylerdomtyler Posts: 3
    Hi Ilmaker,

    Have you tried working on your core strength with crunches etc. Maybe buy a swiss ball.

    I sometimes get a cough after heavy exercising too, do you cough up much 'stuff'?


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Both of these guys are right, and for you to take our opinions as gospel is bad. So get it checked out.

    But I think I can give you some of my knowledge from past experiance.

    1) I had a similiar thing, and when I looked on the Internet I hoenstly though I was going to die of liver problems. Off I trundelled to the docs, admiring how beautiful the world was and how I would miss it. She then had a few prods, and informed me that it was a muscle strain. Which is very common when using shoulders and upper body. It just so coincided with when I started using the pool. Once I new this it got better.

    2) This does sound like exercise induced Asthma. I found out I have Asthma, but I don't get it from exercise, I get it when the temperature drops ie Christmas. I then cough badly for about 20 mins or maybe more.

    This is nothing to worry about, however if your doctor confirms this, he will give you an inhaler to take 20 mins before starting excercise (yes before), and if needed you can take it when the coughing starts.

    3) Can't help with this sorry.

    Hope the above makes sense, and like I say don't worry. But it is always safer to get the above confirmed with your doc.

  • ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    Thanks y'all; in response

    I do intend to go to the doctor as soon as possible, but it's a matter of finding the time - I really just need to say to the boss "OI! I'm going to the doctor, if you don't like it then you can stick your job" which may help with problem #3.

    My core strength is lacking, but I'm working on it.

    I just bought a Felt F85... better do some racing I guess!

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Can sympathise with you 100% ilmakr. I cough up all sorts of crap, sometimes before and sometimes after excercise. Recently had a severe biught of synusitus, which I grudgingly had to go to doc and take some nasty antibiotics, guess what...... they seemed to clear it all up!

    I can highly recommend you work on core strength ( after youve seen a pro) if you havent already and never underestimate stretching. Do you have time for gym classes? ie body balance etc? suprising the muscles you find that arent usually used.

    Jobs a job eh, we all need to earn and its the only way to make you take a rest from training ha ha. Good luck.
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