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Fat Loss Supplements (not an advert!!!!)

Hi im in training for this years London Sprint and i need to lose extra weight. I have noticed a small reduction in the love handles but i can see the extra pounds really starting to hamper my training in the coming months.

I have had a look at fat loss supplements and have ruled out some but am interested in the more natural ones such as green tea, EFA's and CLA's. I wouldnt say im on a strict diet at the moment (and to be honest proabably wont a i will not stick to them) but i am careful what i eat and how much.

Does anyone have an opinion on these or are they really a waste of money?

What do you think?


  • I would say to forget them. If you are losing weight then let it happen naturally. Start using the supplements and you don't know how your body will react for a start. The most common problem can be IBS and you certainly don't need it whilst training.

    Letting the weight go naturally and slowly is crucial in keeping your strength and endurance high. You will need both to have a successful season. Keep the diet healthy and the training right and you will get there. As Cpl Smith says in Dads Army............... DON'T PANIC.
  • glencglenc Posts: 8
    I'm not sure what shape you are in, but basically going out and training well will lose the weight - and this is advice I am still following!

    Last May I was 20.5 stone. No exercise in 15 years. I then set a goal of doing an 8 mile run, and spent 6 months running, cycling or gym work every day. I didn't take in extra calories, but make sure I take in plent y of water and use Nuun tablets to replace the salts etc lost through sweat.

    Its dead simple (in most cases) Use more calories a day than you swallow, and you will lose the weight. Clearly if you have a mdeical condition like Thyroid this wont apply.

    My challenge is same as you though. I am now 4.5 stone lighter after 8 months, but getting rid of love handles is a pain. Advice I have read shows that no matter how many situps, crunches etc you do, you cannot burn fat off from a particular area of your body. Its just that your body stores it there first, then moves on to other areas of your body, eg legs, neck etc. Its the first place it goes on, and last place it comes off. My advice, just concentrate on decent cardio work (HR Monitor REALLY helps), do about an hour a day of mixed events. Personally, swimming is the best exercise for losing fat as I don't overheat, Im working every muscle, and I dont turn around 30 minutes into a swim and say 'where the hell am I?' - a phrase I often utter lost in the woods of Hampshire :-) Running is a v good second place, but is high impact for a big guy like me....
  • glencglenc Posts: 8
    Forgot to say - I'm crap at dieting too - as long as you keep it balanced, there's no need to worry as weight will drop off you. Plus, some of the dietary pills have awful side effects that ultimately drain you (sometimes literally!) and do nothing about your fitness or fat levels.
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Got to agree with glenc above.. Burn more than you put in = weight loss.
  • glenc is bang on the money, simple guide to weight lose - Move more, eat less.

    Managed to drop from 15.5 stone at Xmas down to 14 stone (5'11", so still rivaling a few burlesque dancers for my curves) currently.

    No diet, just sensible eating and a lot of running (can't afford the extorsionate prices of my local pool to often and waiting to replace my stolen bike)

    I used topless pictures of myself to keep myself motivated, if I ever feel that it's not working I can look back at them and see the difference.

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