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What not to do advice

There seems to be a fair few beginers logging into the forum and with London being many peoples first can you give any advice on what not to do during the race or any annoyances from noobs as they get in your way. For example is there any certain ways you over take people when on your bike (obviously taking into account you do it safely!) or such like.

I dont want to go around pissing people off as i try my best on the day!!!!



  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Hi Gavin, although Im not in the London tri. I think you wont go wrong if you just keep your wits about you (and the eyes in the back of your head wide open lol) Safety being the key issue. You find the serious top athletes will be at the front anyway, so its more of a case of picking a spot to match your ability and not get in many peoples way.

    As your probably aware pool based swims are set off on submitted swim times so it cuts a little guess work out.However you do get a few that put in silly times, why? I dont know.

    I think if you concentrate too much on other people you could end up in a bit of bother. Go with the flow and enjoy.
  • Um.... a few that spring to mind from my own mistakes:

    a. Don't get in the water at the last minute, particularly if it's cold. It takes a minute or two for the initial hyperventilating to calm down until you're breathing normally again. It's then worth trying a few strokes of crawl just to build up a slight rythym. You can also try swimming a few metres toward the first buoy and checking your sighting so that you've worked out which landmark to aim towards (you'll struggle to see the buoy until you're close to it). My biggest mistake in the first couple of tris was to wait on the bank till the last minute so that I stayed warm. I just ended up hyperventilating when the race began and then drank half the docks while I got into my rythym. You can't sink with your wetsuit on, so you won't tire yourself out by treading water.

    b. Don't take the racing line on your bike - stick to the left. Everyone is supposed to ride on the left and only come out if they are overtaking. If you are trying to pass someone who is meandering left and right then just call out that you are about to pass. Narrow windy tracks like Blenheim are the worst for this - London is long, wide and straight with no traffic so there should be no problem.

    c. Don't try out your wetsuit for the first time in the race.

    d. Don't use any new drinks or foods for the first time on a race. Worth practicing with them in training beforehand. I tried something really sickly in my bike bottles in my first race, couldn't get the taste out of my mouth and had no other drink to wash it away or keep me hydrated.

    e. Don't worry about the 'scrum' at the start of the swim. It's really not as bad as you fear and you can always start at the back or the sides if you want an easier route.

    f. Don't follow the swimmer in front of you and assume that they are going in the right direction. I didn't make this mistake, but everyone who followed me in my first race did - I headed off at 45 degrees to the correct line and about 4 guys followed me.

    g. Don't turn up at the last minute. Nothing stresses you more than racking the bike in 30 seconds, changing into a wetsuit at top speed and then racing to the water. I was so short of time in my first race that I ended up running the wrong way out of transition because I hadn't checked it out beforehand. Expect queues on the entrance roads to the triathlon (can take 30 mins of queuing to get into Blenheim).

    Hope that helps and doesn't depress - I'm sure that others can add plenty of other 'don'ts'.

    Good luck

  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Don't forget to enjoy it!

    It is meant to be fun, so don't worry about it too much.

    Most important of all, try not to swim over me or knock me off my bike as you go past.


  • rungavinrunrungavinrun Posts: 29
    on the whole racking thing, do you do that the day before or on the race day itself?

    Thanks for your comments so far, very useful!
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I think it varies from one event to another. At London I believe you do it on the day.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Slightly tongue incheek but I hope the following is helpful and will certainly prevent you from pi##ing people off in the race,although these tactics which I have come across may help in improving your finishing position without much exertion.

    1) wetsuit manufacturers helpfully provide a towrope attached to the zip to help weaker swimmers.

    2)Help fellow competitors in the transition area by arranging their equipment similar to yours when they are not around.

    3)Quick release skewers are always over tightened, help fellow racers by loosening theirs incase they get a puncture ,it will shorten the time taken to repair it.

    4)some competitors use talcum powder to help identify their bike racking position by making an arrow with it on the floor,why not do it for everyone on the same bike line.

    5)when out on the bike take a mouth full of energy drink ,swill it around your mouth and then spit it out ensuring it rains down on the following biker ,they will delight in the cooling effect particularly if it is a hot day.

    6)on the run take as many drinks as possible from each aid station then drop them in front of any following runner.

    7)at the finish fling out your arms as you run down the finishing shoot weaving from side to side high fiving everyone,you have deserved it.

  • The racking varies at London. Last year, the Saturday racers all racked on the day and so did all those going off before 1100 on Sunday. Anyone who was off after 1100 on Sunday was supposed to rack and register on the Saturday (the info pack said that this was non-negotiable, but a friend who couldn't come down on the Saturday had no problems racking on the Sunday morning so I'd take this ruling with a pinch of salt if you end up in the same position)

  • rungavinrunrungavinrun Posts: 29
    I will wait for the info pack them but this gives me some food for thought.

    Jon.E that is very funny, great stuff!
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