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Training after the event

With London fast approaching for my first (sprint) Tri i was wondering how people approach training AFTER the event? How long before you get back into the swing what do you focus on next and at what intensity?

Also depending on how i get on with this one are there any other good beginer level tri after and how long should i leave between events etc?



  • triadtriad Posts: 62
    I've been doing triathlons for 4 years. I have to be pretty careful about balancing training, racing and general stretching because I suffer from a bad back from time to time (siatic rubbish). I used to stop for a couple of days after racing but not anymore. I recover much quicker if I have a massage post race and do some light non-intense training and plenty of stretching. Suggest swimming and cycling before returning to running which is clearely generically higher impact on the body. But hey what do I know as an amateur, I've just about managed to find out what works for me. And one other thing.......long live triathlon; I love the focus and discipline it takes to train to enjoy racing and I love the friendliness and spirit of the sport.
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Rungavinrun, the answer to your question requires a little more understanding of your individual circumstances. You ask about beginner triathlons, so maybe you consider yourself a beginner? Which of the London Tris are you doing (Sprint or Olympic?)?

    Generally, it is a very good idea to rest for a few days after any major exertion, such as a race or doing a newer, longer distance than you have done before. By "rest", I don't necesarily mean sitting around doing nothing (although sleep is a very, very important part of the recovery process and shouldn't be under-estimated). Also, stretching is very important after any kind of strenuous activity and hydration. Don't under-estimate the value of some good, deep, static stretching and lots and lots of water.

    Do some activity during the recovery week, but shorter and less intensity than your normal training levels. As Triad suggests, swimming and cycling are usually preferable (unless you have something that may be aggravated by those activities like sore shoulders from swimming or a sore butt from cycling). Mainly, listen to your body.

    As such, it is usually recommended that you spread races out at least 2 weeks apart, although one or both of those races should not/cannot be considered "A" races (important races where you are really pushing for a specific goal). If you do plan to race that close together, then one or both of the races should just be viewed as long training session. If you have two "A" races that you really want to do, then try and space them out at least 4 weeks to allow proper recovery, a little Peak training, and a taper period.

    Hope that helps.
  • rungavinrunrungavinrun Posts: 29
    Thanks guys.

    I am doing the SPrint level at London and this is my first one.

    Then i was plaanning on runing the Roade sprint tri last week in Sept.

    From what you say this shouldnt be a problem.
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