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Just wondered if someone would have an opinion here.....i swim three times a week in my local pool,the only variation i'd have up until recently would be........2 swims in the 25 metre and 1 session in the 50 metre.....during these sessions i normally manage between 1500 and 2000 mtrs.

So....i thought for a change why not introduce some fins/pull buoy or paddles.....results.....comfortable with pull buoy and getting on reasonably well with the paddles, but....fins another story, finding it difficult to keep a straight line and not sure if i should keep my feet high in the water or not??.....any advice/opinion ,should i stick with them or just forget the fins.

I'm nearly 60 and enjoy the pool,hardly run these days due to my heel spur, and manage a little cycle when the temp. are suitable...hope to complete my 2nd triathalon this summer.


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Have you tried You Tube for any videos on swimming with fins?

    Niot used them myself but I tend not to kick much more than keeping my rythum right1


  • Thanks for that blinkybaz, spent some time with the different links from you tube......but...observing lots of good swimmers and fin users was'nt a benefit for me.

    Not sure if i'm perhaps, expecting too much here ?? when you consider that i'm getting on a bit and probably have more than one or two bad habits ! Maybe the only sort of advice that would benefit me, is someone in a very similar situation....i.e...age ,level of fitness or someone that has picked up the same injuries.....

    My original post was because i found the fins difficult, and i'm in a sort of comfort zone with the rest of my swimming routine,i basically felt lazy and lacked the drive needed to over come this problem.

    Anyway i'll push on and give it another week or two.....if not i'll just enjoy the pull buoy and paddles
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    What are you trying to achieve by using fins, paddles & pullbuoys? i.e. what skills, strengths & abilities are you trying to develop? Adding them in without a reason won't automatically make you a better swimmer - often the opposite happens.

    As for fins, their main use is to provide a some propulsion/maintain body balance while doing various arm drills where there would otherwise be none or very little resulting in legs sinking. Using them simply to go faster is pointless and potentially dangerous.

    Pullbouys are used mainly to mantain body balance and to isolate the legs so that only arms are used. This could be for technique or strength development. Some triathletes use them to simulate the added buoyancy of wearing a wetsuit. However, many swimmmers still kick even when using one.

    Paddles can be used for stength, developing the catch/rotation and timing. Only to be used if your stroke is sound to start with otherwise injuries are a big risk.


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