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jimjim Posts: 12

Castle combe rowathlon has been confirmed for the 10th august, it looked as if this excellent event was not going to take place but now that it is, as a competitor am looking to get a few more people to join in. My swimming is poor and at present I am trying to improve it but if like myself you struggle with swimming and have a friend who always beats you on the swim then get him to join you in the rowathlon and level out that first event advantage. Castle combe race circuit is the venue and the event consists of a 3k row 20k bike and 3k run so come and join me and try out this event I am sure it will not disappoint you. On the same day is also a duathlon so if you still do not fancy that row then you can always take part in that.The event is organised by www.dbmax.co.uk


  • Chris JChris J Posts: 71

    Where's the water at Castle Combe?
  • jimjim Posts: 12
    there is no water! its a rowathlon, the row is on a concept 2 indoor rowing machine.
  • Chris JChris J Posts: 71
    Just the one rowing machine?[;)]
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