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Bar mounted hydration systems?

I am considering switching from my current bottle set up, one on the down tube and two behind the saddle, to a tri bar mounted system (I use Easton Attack TT bars). I like the idea of being able to drink from and refill on the fly and limiting getting out of the aero position. I do Olympic, Half & Ironman distance.

I have seen the Profile Aero Drinks System (£15.00) about for years but keep hearing stories of spillage problems plus its only good for one type of fluid. I have recently seen details of the Podium Quest Hydration System (£35.00) which is a two reservoir unit but are its advantages out weighed by its bulk?


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    RobRob Posts: 209
    I use the Profile bottle & the advantages are obvious, it puts the tube right by your mouth, it just encourages you to drink. I've got the Profile clip on aero bars which the bottle is made for, you may need a special bracket to make it fit your bars(?). Disadvantages? It comes with a yellow 'scouring pad' which is supposed to stop splashes. Which it does to a certain extent. Fill it right up & you'll get a bit of spillage. I also now put a couple of bits of insulating tape across the top, mainly to hold the pad in as I lost it on a recce of Wimbleball giong down one of the big downhills, the bumpy road just threw it out. Then you realise how much splashing the pad stops! Overall I'm pleased with it.
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    Cheers Rob

    Sounds like you have the same issues as most people with the Profile.

    The Podium Quest unit weighs in at a hefty 3lbs 5 oz when full which seems like a lot that high and far forward. I may have to experiment with a couple of full standard bottles first and see.
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