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Wetsuit Sizing - Getting the right fit

So, my first suit....but I need to draw on the collective wisdom of yall to help me get the sizing right.

I am 6'1" and 76kgs which mean I fall between a couple of the Orca sizings. My options are;

Size 6.5 - 5'7" - 6'1" and 65 - 76kgs


Size 7 - 5'9" - 6'3" and 72 - 84kgs

From all I know you want snug but not too snug! I am at the very top end of one suit and in the middle of the range for the other. Due to location and timescales I am unable to go into a store and try it on first so have to mail order.

From your experience which is the better bet?


  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Hi mate,

    Get the bigger size IMHO!!

    Orca are well known for being 'very snug' im lead to belive.

    I got an Orca Pflex, the size went up to 83KG i belive, yet at 80KG its tight.

    Ive dropped to 78KG now and its fine, but bt no means not 'snug' LOL

    Hope this helps.[:)]
  • Ditto - go for the size 7. I'm 6'3 and 75kg and have the size 7 Orca. It is definitely snug enough around the waist and chest - I wouldn't want to be 9kg heavier and still using the same suit. My guess is that the size 6.5 would be way too tight.
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