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I was looking on the U.K half-ironman website and noticed that the entry fee was £155. I was wondering how you guys fund your Ironman races, i imagine it would cost even more if your going aboard, do you get sponsership off compaines or people? or do you have to pay it all out of your own money.


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Mike,it all comes out of my own funds,sponsership is an option but not one that I take up.Travelling to an ironman in europe is not that more expensive than racing in the Uk particularly if you live in the North(both UK Ironman races being down South).My years races are budgeted around an Ironman so I would aim to do 1 ironman and say 3 short course races before my money runs out,it is not the worlds cheapest hobby but it can be done.Hope this helps.
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