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Free Duathlon Place


I got an e-mail last week telling me I had won a place at last weekends Dornley Winter Duathlon courtesy of Maxifuel. Unfortunatley due to the short notice and location (I'm based up in Scotland) of the event I was unable to attend. They have informed me that I can book another event from F3 Events (not sure if it is just for the Duathlon series or whether it covers their Triathlon events, but have a look at their website and I can find out for you). So to get to the point - I have a pretty full race calendar this year and I was wondering if anyone would like my place at any of the other F3 Events (Maxifuel have confirmed the entry can be transferred to a 'friend' - but don't worry accepting my offer does not constitute the formation of a friendship).

Drop me an e-mail to [email protected] if you're interested, first come first served (unless you're offering a new carbon bike as a token of your appreciation in which case you'll become a priority)

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