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New year revolutions

I got my new bike and cycle computer at the end of august and Ive done 1925 miles since then.


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    i was just wonderin how far you had all biked in 2007 i did a measly 200km but i did only get my bike computer half way through the season...honestly....
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I have only 2200k approx., since I focused on running marathons mainly. I decided to go for triathlon completely now,so I'd like to do at least 3000 k this year, isn't that a great new year's resolution??[:)]

    Anyway,biking is my worst discipline, but I do know why.
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    I did 2455 miles on my hack bike and managed to cycle to work 192 times.

    Did about 300 miles on my race bike which was mainly hill training, couple TT's and the odd club run.

    This year i just hope to increase the amount of journeys to work. Am on 9 so far and clocked up 111miles.
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