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If the shoe fits...

I've just got some propa' bike shoes yay[:D][:D][:D]. Anyway i've seen in magazines that some people can keep them upright using elastics bands, i think???? Does anyone here know how to do this, if so please share. Also i'd like to 'big up' bridgetown cycles, there service was great and there was loads of choice. nice job guys[:D][:D][:D]


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Hi mike_tri,

    I use elastic bands to hold my shoes horizontal for ease of transition. Dont use super dooper heavy duty ones cos you want them to break! I hook the bands at the back of shoe, if youve got triathlon shoes you should have a pull loop hook the band round this, then hook the other end of the band on the bike. On one side i hook it to the rear QR skewer and on the other side i hook it near the front mech (not too close though). When you run with the bike at T1 your shoes will be flat and off the floor, hop on the bike, get your feet on the tops of your shoes and start peddling. The bands will snap and when you have some clear straight road you ease your feet in each shoe and go for it.

    Sounds long winded but it is a very smooth and quick way out of T1, practice makes perfect tho so find a quiet stretch of pavement and a bag of elastic bands and try it out.

    Good luck!!
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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    o thats how itsdone good ask Mike ive been messing around for weeks now trying to find a way to run with shoes on bike without them hitting floor .

    now i feel stupid for not asking myself.

    now if youd like to do my swim training for me .......

    cheers guys good question good answer.

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