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Knee and hip pain

Hello all.

Over the last few months I've developed an annoying knee/hip pain combo when running. I've never had any problems before, including when competing in tris and half marathons.

The pain is on the outside of the hip and the outside of the lower part of the knee (although it does seem to spread across the knee after a while), and now starts to kick in after only a mile of running. I've had my gait analysed and have the correct running shoes to counter my tendency to over-pronate.

From various research I've reached the conclusion that I have an issue with my iliotibial band, but I'm not entirely sure. I also don't know why it should be happening now, as I've been doing far fewer miles than in the summer. The only thing that has changed is that I've been running primarily on flat hard surfaces rather than hilly cross country tracks as I did in the summer.

Has anyone on here had a similar problem, and what did you do to resolve it? I suspect that I'm being a bit impatient and not resting it for long enough (maximum I've done is 1 week between runs) but I'm signed up for the Mallorca Ironman 70.3 in May and desparately need to get some miles under my belt before then.

Any advice appreciated.




  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Yep sounds deffo like ITB problems.

    Basically it stems from weak glute muscles... but without going into too much detail its basically a band of tissue that runs along the outer edge of your quads from your Arse to just below the knee. Hip alignment can be a cause to. The ITB Tightens as you run as it takes the strain from weak muscles not doing their job correctly. It gets to a point that its that tight it hurts.

    To fix it....

    1) Strengthen Glutes
    2) Get Gait checked out - you have already done this
    3) Have a regular sports massage - ask to have your ITB specifically worked on, called Stripping out the ITB.
    4) Buy a foam roller, or you can use a glass bottle of wine or rolling pin with a cloth wrapped around it, and use that to roll along you ITB.

    Other than that not alot you can do.

    Having it stripped out or using a roller effing hurts like hell....to a point where you will want to cry....
    However the relief afterwards is amazing and well worth it.

    I suffer from this too and I have mine stripped out at least once every 10days to 2 weeks.
  • I concur Dr Hussler,

    I suffer from this as well:

    In addition to Dr Hussler's advice I also do some single leg squats and was given some pilates excercises to do.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    The only thing that makes me wonder whether it is ITB is that the pain isn't localised on the side of the kneecap, but is quite low, and spreads across the knee after a while.

    Would normally consider a physio, but as my wife is on maternity leave I'm a bit skint at the moment.

    I'll have a go with the roller idea and some stretches/strengthening.


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Its still your ITB mate.... the same happens with me... seems to spread but its defo the ITB

    Costs me about £20 per sesh to get it done. You'll need to strengthen the glutes off and get it stripped out, but defo invest in a foam roller - it will be your saviour.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Weak VMO will cause pain around the patella due to the ITB pulling the patella out of alignment, this then causes what is known as patella tracking, where the patella effectively grinds out a 'new' track. this can become very serious if ignored. Not saying it is deffo that but just going off experience.
  • SideySidey Posts: 2
    I have had a very similar problem but a different solution - I had a chiropractor do a pelvis alignment (took about 5 mins) which evened up the balance of the muscles across my two legs. Solved!

    An easy test on the strength of the muscles from the hip down to the knee - lie on your back on a flat surface (preferably a bench) with your legs straight. Put one out about 20-30 degrees and have someone apply even pressure pushing it back in to the straight position whilst you put pressure outward resistance. Do it on both legs - if you find there is a dramatic difference in strength between the two legs (you will need to rely on the other person a bit here - if they apply even pressure both sides but on one your leg just cant hold it) it may be a hip/pelvis alignment. More subtle differnce and it is probably as the other posters have pointed out.

    I was shocked how big the difference was, and how quick it was to fix for me - just another opinion/idea though as I am certainly not a doctor.

    Health warning - Chiropractors are like drug dealers - they will probably try and fix ecvery ailment you have ever had and tell you it all takes lots of sessions to fix. Just tell them to look at your knee only!
  • Thanks everyone - some things to think about there.


  • Hello there,

    I have been reading the forum for a while but first time getting involved. Sorry for the length of this post! But thank you for all the great information.

    I have been having very similar symptoms to you and really appreciated the advice on here. Pain in the outside of my left knee after running about 5Km. Clicking in my knee. Pain in the outside thigh. Just came from nowhere - I trained really hard and competed last year with no injury then this just turned up.

    The following might or might not help you but I draw it to your attention in the hope it might avoid you suffering further damage.

    My work demands a high level of fitness and strength so I went first to a Sports massage who told me ITB tight. This didn't resolve it though so I went to a Physio.

    In short, ITB is tight but it is due to foot arch dropping and weakness in Glutes etc (as others have said). Tackling these causes will be the long term solution. However, it has resulted in a sack of fluid behind the ITB. It needs drugs or a steroid injection to take it down before it can really begin to heal.

    In the meantime, I have to be careful with using the foam roller as rolling it over the area with fluid will simply irritate and inflame it further.

    If there is any way you can see a (good) Physio, the advice is invaluable and will save you recovery time in the long run. I can recommend a great one in the South East if any use.

    As I say, I have as much medical knowledge as a small donkey but the advice and treatment I got has already made a difference. Everything I was doing was causing more harm.

    I hope this helps and you see some improvement soon,
  • Another sufferer here...

    As well as the advice given here, have you considered having some coached running technique sessions? I had one recently and it's made me think a lot about my running style, warm up exercise and specific strengthening drills.

    It also makes going for a run less boring.
  • Spanky

    Are you a FF ?
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Weak VMO will cause pain around the patella due to the ITB pulling the patella out of alignment, this then causes what is known as patella tracking, where the patella effectively grinds out a 'new' track. this can become very serious if ignored. Not saying it is deffo that but just going off experience.
    This is what seems to have happened to me.... seemingly. Which is why I'm now at physio as opposed to sports massage....
  • Hello WILF,

    Yes, a FF, not in London though so unfortunately, I don't think we'll cross tracks that way.

    I love your challenge and keep a close eye on it throught the web page,

  • willieverfinish,

    Sorry for calling you WILF, trying to use the internet on a phone is beyond me. It is predictive and thinks it is smarter than me! Probably is.

  • Pmsl

    No probs mate

    Cheers - you doing the national emergency services TRi ?
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    hey spanky and willieverfinish, i'm also a ff
    i've booked the day off to hopefully do the VUE tri
    only 5 days after another sprint tri tho!!!
    Might see you there
  • Coolio

    I'm just waiting on my leave - not holding my breath

    I'll pm you if I'm going lads

    I missed it last year so want to smash myself into next week this year
  • Hello Lads,

    I hadn't even thought about it but will definitely do my best to be there and catch up then. Hope you both get leave for it.

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